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Gen4 to Gen3 system

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How different are Gen4 & 3 systems, is it possible to shoehorn a Gen4 system onto a gen3 I have a chance of a cheap second hand Arrow system can i get it to fit?
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It depends on whether the exhaust bracket on the can is fixed or not. If it has an adjustable (for position) hanging strap you'll prob be ok

My gen 3 pipewerx can and link pipe will fit my gen 4. The gen 4 has an 02 boss on the link pipe which you would need to blank off if the Arrow system is the same. The gen 4 link pipe is slightly longer, but you can fix the can slightly further back

This is based on my Pipewerx set up, so I cant be sure about Arrow
So Gen 3 might work on Gen 4? Has anybody done this swap? Tks
The hanger bracket and the mounting bolt under neath i dont see as a problem i can weld on & or add an adjustable strap, i am thinking more of the headers being shorter on a Gen 4 than a 3 is the oil filter assembly in the same place for 4 & 3 does anybody know?
Oil filter Is on the clutch side pretty much right In front of the oil drain plug. I have the evo system off my 08 really thinking about trying to Install It on my 2014. Was thinking the angle of the collecter might end up being wrong.
I'm having a look at it this weekend I will be able to line the G4 system up against the 3 IL post the difference?
How did this turn out?
Not so good lol it will need a fair amount of mandrel work I'm hoping Iv got a man that can do that instead of giving him the bike I'm hoping I can give him the stock headers to take the pattern off, but Iv not heard back on a price.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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