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With the Aussie dollar so good, I snatched up a few goodies last week.
The XTRE is installed which is in a thread of its own, the PCV is yet to arrive, but in preparation for the dyno tuning session and wanting to do things proper, I decided to buy some block off plates and remove the air suction pump.
The kit I got is produced by Ivan's Performance Products in the USA. Unfortunately he does not sell direct so I had to purchase these through SG Motorsport who is his sole international supplier. The only problem is that their prices are in GB Pound, not the attractive USD :sad:
Anyway the kit can do multiple bikes. It has different adapters to block off the main hose leading from the airbox on the ZX10R, ZX6R and ZX14. It also comes with a male plug and female plug end that has a wire connecting both terminals to stop the FI light from comming on.

Here is the kit contents minus the ZX6R and ZX14 plugs:

The install is pretty easy, but painfully slow as the location for the reed valve covers is in a bitch of a spot where a socket set won't fit so it's time to show off your cramped spaces allen key fu.
First remove the tank, then the top half of the airbox. What you will then see is this dreaded mess of hoses that we are going to remove:

Firstly disconnect the electrical plug that connects to the air suction pump. Next disconnect the hose leading out from the left side of the airbox that runs to the air pump. Finally grab the air pump and gently pull it out of the bike. The hoses are not secured onto the reed valve covers so should just pull off with the air pump.
It is a very sensitive unit and apparently does not like to be treated roughly. Well according to the service manual anyway. Besides you would not want to have to buy a replacement one on short notice just incase you get ordered to have an emissions test.

Now we are almost ready to install our new goodies :D

This is the part of the job that you will end up becoming annoyed with very fast. To remove the reed valve covers (the silver rectangles with hose adapter in above pic) you will need a 4mm allen key. The location of these bolts will only let you loosen them 1/4 to 1/2 a turn at a time. Thankfully the thread is not so deep but it is still very frustrating as the bolts towards the front of the bike like to hide under the rubber mat thingamabob for lack of better terminology.

Once you have remove the 2 bolts holding the reed valve cover in place, remove it but take careful note of what the underside looks like. The block off plates are very similar to the underside of the stock reed valve covers and need to be orientated exactly the same. This is what the exposed reed valve will look like. They are not to be removed for this mod.

When you install the block off plates, make sure to use some semi permanent locktite on the bolts which hold them in place. The last thing you would want is for them to vibrate loose and all of a sudden have an "oh shit" moment all for the sake of lazyness. Here is the first block off plate installed. Already looking better :)

Second block off plate installed and hole in the airbox plugged with the orange cap:

Almost done. The block off plates are installed and all that is left to do is modify the electrical plug that connects into the air suction pump so we dont have an annoying FI light flashing in our face all the time.
Find this sucker. It was the very first plug you disconnected from the air suction pump:

Then with a very fine screwdriver, remove the 2 electrical pins from the connector by pushing them out while lifting them out of their cradle on the inside of the connector.
Insert the newly exposed pins into the small male connector supplied in the block off plate kit:

And lastly plug the bypass female plug into the modded air suction valve connector.

All thats left to do now is tidy up your wires, put your bike back together and fire her up to make sure the FI light does not flash :mrgreen:

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The install is pretty easy, but painfully slow as the location for the reed valve covers is in a bitch of a spot where a socket set won't fit so it's time to show off your cramped spaces allen key fu.
I can agree with this, but figured out a way to make it super easy to get to the reed plates on my 08. I waited till I was going to install my new Akra header full system. I removed the radiator, stock header and VIOLA, there are the reed plates, so easy to get too. Installed plates, header and rad back all at the same time.

Otherwise, you are correct, they are a bitch to get to. :spit:

Great write up, rep will be coming.
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