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GEN3: Suspension set-up (Ohlins TTX + piston kit)

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Hi I have a 3 gene with Ohlins TTX shock (100N spring) and Ohlins front piston kit (spring 10). I have a problem in the corners, I can not get into the slope and the bike is understeer when I want to cut bend. store front in a Triple is standard and the rear shock absorber + 2mm in length. Please what settings you use for the racetrack. Thank you for the information.

compression 13
rebound 16

compression 12
rebound 12
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Did you install the spacers with the shock?

What are you current sag settings?
Yea, i used a spacer, which were in the box with damper.

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rear sag is 29 - 30mm, in front i used 39mm this year, but now i tried 29mm in front. With a larger sag that was slightly better. I do not have a good feeling from the front, i have no sure from front. I managed to improve rear compression, but rear compression i had on 4 clicks.
38-40mm is where you need to be on the front and on that bike I prefer to see more spring with less preload. If you did the FPK kit then your damping will be marginally improved over the crap stock valve spec, but do not expect to get the kind of premium feel and feedback out of a simple piston kit revalve that you get from a full on proper Cartridge Kit. The Cartridge Kit is WAY WAY better at not only adding compliance and traction, but also controls the dive under braking conditions far better than the FPK kit will.
OK, i will edit front sag back to the recommended values. Before I started to invest in chassis, so I had a good feeling on the front, but since I can not agree with the setting. Cartridge would have liked, but it's too much money. Thanks
Hey just to make sure, they did use actual Ohlins oil in the forks right? If the installer substitutes ANY other brand for the Ohlins 1309 series oil it will not produce the correct results from the valving.
Now i dont know, havent recording sheets in hand.

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I wanted to see what settings are used by other riders. If I'm move with forks on the triple. I tried to lengthen the rear damper, the bike was manageable, but this did not solve the problem.
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