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Gen3 factory parts needed

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Hey I dropped my 09 ebony baby Saturday while getting gas. ..was on my way to drop her off for some upgrades n the front slid on a metal grate in the parking lot. Well now I need a right side black upper front cowl. I've been all over the net n can't seem to find n exact answer if it's all one piece. The mirror snapped n the front cowl along the side of my headlight n then cracked down the side of the light. My question .....is this one piece that wraps around the side of the bike that has the NINJA sticker? ...if anyone can confirm this n can help me find a genuine KAWASAKI part # for the ebony 2009 right side (sitting on the bike) I'd be truly grateful! By the way this forum is truly a great source of knowledge for a zx10 owner.
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