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Switched to bmw so all kawasaki bits for grabs.
More added when i remember them.
Collect essex (UK) or postage will be extra.
Gen3 brembo rear disc. 50
Gen4 wheels complete with discs and tyres 700
Brembo front discs which fit all years. I had them on my gen4 with titanium disc bolts. 200
Gen4 front discs. I got 3 but i think one had a judder so 75 for 3.
Gen4 swingarm. 150
Gen4 green tank top panel. New. 40
Gen4 battery tray. 30
Gen4 shock with new 90 spring and uprated link plates. 50
Gen4 15t renthal. Used once 15
Gen4 complete gearbox. Few worn parts but it did ride. Comes with a clutch. 150
Gen4 carbon frame protectors. New. 100
Gen4 gearbox forks. New. 50 each
Gen4 or 5 ohlins electronic steering damper with uprated valve. New. 100
Gen4 or 5 seat with riser blocks 40
Gen5 mupo top spec rear shock. 500
Gen5 bsb carbon clock braket 150
Gen5 light weight track subframe top 100
Gen5 real carbon seat hump 100
Gen5 standard bars new. 40
Gen5 switchgear new. 30
Gen5 power bronze screen 25
Gen5 top rh fairing panel 30
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