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Gen2 unever fork height after seals

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Hey y'all, as it says I did my seals and now they're uneven. Trying to finish up to sell her. Everything was set as it was and lockouts at same height. Oil level the same. Any idea how I fix this? Thanks! Selling because that's my new gen4 2014 right behind the forks in the picture!:grin2:CT


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Preload is adjusted differently, I couldn't tell you if that would make a difference but that's what I saw.
Is there free play and you can extend the shorter one? Can you explain more like what you did to redo them, did you take the bottom bolts out and disassemble them completely?
Did not remove the bottom bolts no. I followed the how-to guide on this site. I didn't remove the bottom bolts because i didn't want to fully disassemble, just everything up to get the seals off. So cap loosened, spring compressed, locknut, cap removal, removed spring and stuff to drain. Filled, reassembled.

The pre-load adjusters are only different because I had them set the same then read somewhere that could be it, but it's not. Both forks still compress and everything. Just can't figure out why they'd be so far off ~5mm. It's the throttle side that is higher, which was not the leaking side, so maybe there's still fluid in the bottom of that one so technically there's too much now from what i added? I mean i added and measured them from the top of the cap like the manual said to do if you don't have the actual fluid measuring tool.
Fluid level shouldn't have anything to do with that. They should still be able to fully extend equally with zero load on them with just the springs because there is quite a bit of tenstion to start with even with the preload all backed out. Your spring in one is upside down may be or missed a washer or added too many from one to the other? Broke or split the collar the plastic long spacer?
The springs definitely both went back in the correct way with the smaller end at the top. Did not miss any washers or added any extra, any and all parts were laid out in the order they came out. Nothing left over, nothing extra added. I'll have to take it back apart and check to see if the collar split I suppose. I imagine if the collar split that would make the one sit lower, correct?
Yes no other choice but to take it apart. When you reassemble exactly as taken apart in reverse order you are trusting it to be right to start with and I have learned the hard way that is not always the case. I always consult the manual from that lesson. Download the manual if you don’t got it already. It is much easer to put back together when you can clearly see what belongs where and in what orientation.

Can you force extend the shorter one to the same length as the longer one by hand and is there free play to where it sits before extending it by hand?
I have the manual and that's what i followed disassembling and reassembling along with a step by step how-to with pictures on the forum.

As far as the play goes, Yes--i can pull up on the tube to bring it to the same height (it obviously goes back down right after), No--i can't really tell of any free play.
If you can pull it up and it sags on its own then that means that physically the distance as per the pic attached is too short in the internals of that fork, its just a matter of figuring out why.

I took the pics from ebay, I find that to be a good resource for clear pictures. Sorry for my lack of paint skills :wink2: 06 07 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R Front Fork Internals Shock Suspension Spring | eBay


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Haha sweet! I mean not sweet that something isn't completely right, but I'll tear into them again probably today after work so I'll see what i find and post back! With HD pictures not from ebay :wink2:
Cracked spacer. New ones won't ship till next wednesday unfortunately. Will post up pics later. Once new once come in and I fix I will update on if that fixed it!
Cracked spacer. New ones won't ship till next wednesday unfortunately. Will post up pics later. Once new once come in and I fix I will update on if that fixed it!
What did you use to compress it if you don't mind my asking?
I used the traxxion tool and then ratchet straps. I had a spare axle so I put that through the bottom and pulled them down evenly click for click and was reallllll careful letting them out so it wouldn't try and slam out hard.
Been a while. Fork Spacers took a month to arrive. Just got the gen2 put back together yesterday. Clutch side fork had two hairline cracks in the spacer, but it wasn't separated oranything. THE PROBLEM was that the throttle side cap was getting hung up inside the forkabove the spacer. Turned it a little and BAMFIXED. Eventravela nd everything and sitting right. Can't wait to ride today, been almost a month since i've been out on the bike.
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