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Hi everyone,

Having some problems

I exchanged the fuel injectors on my bike today with a set I had from my original throttle body. But before I exchange the injectors I ran some carburetor cleaner through the injectors pulse them with a 9V battery and replaced the micro screens and O-rings.

Further, I exchange the injectors without removing the throttle body… So I don't think I have a vacuum leak from not properly seating the throttle body

The bike was running better better than it ever had before. (Smooth idle much more power).

I pulled up to a stoplight. There is Ducati next to me… So of course when it went green I went full monkey on him power wheelie never saw him again

Immediately afterwards the problems… LOL

The bike started to miss (maybe loading up but the plugs are new), or at least it sounds like a miss and it doesn't seem to clear out at higher RPMs.

Anybody who may have an inclination, suggestions, or insight as to what's going on with my bike please feel free to offer all your suggestions…

Thank you for your time and consideration.


F-18 driver
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