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if any of you saw my previous thread i thought i was having problems with the cooling of my bike and found a wire to be loose in the retrofitting which solved the sporadic temp read outs on my gauge, so i thought. it started giving me sporadic read outs again normal temp - 220+ - HI HI HI then back to normal rinse and repeat. i learned to ignore it but i couldnt live with it, what if something really did go wrong?

so i decided to rewire the whole thing over again. yay success it worked normal again! for a day then it went back to the same crap. i also started noticing the gauge flickering like it was losing power... some times it shuts off completely nothing lightning up but the turn signals and neutral light then comes back on again randomly. after the 2nd time around now the low fuel warning light is constantly on as well regardless of how much fuel i have in my tank. i have everything wired correctly, everything is soldered no loose connections (i definitely took my time the 2nd time around) and no damaged wires as far as i can tell.

the only thing i did notice is that when i first did the retrofit my fuse to my ecu blew. i had no idea what caused it until i decided to rewire it completely again the 2nd time. when i clipped the wires (all at once) my fuse to the ecu blew. its clear to me that i shorted out some wires with the clipping causing the ecu fuse to blow. my question is could i have done damage to my ecu and thats why im getting sporadic read outs? or the loose wire has caused damage to my gauge cluster? what is it its bothering the hell out of me :eyecrazy:

btw the loose wire was either the ignition or fi light i forget which

sorry for the walls of text i tried to separate
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