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Gen 5 header on gen 4... whos dynoed it?

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I thought a few people were doing this, im curious about the results.
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You feel more throtle response at part throtle very noticeably but at wot no increase in hp

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Tested on a pipe filter reflahsed bike. And mine that has other moods.

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the insteresting stuff is that my friend did it and he was waoooooooo, worth the money, he was crazy how much the bike improved moving it around...
my thinking is this...
both gen4 and gen5 are limited a bit by the exhaust.

the gen5 has conection in cylinder 3-4, that alone makes more midrange a bit, but at WOT is not that noticeable.

the gen5 headers are a bit better just a bit better, if you can get it for 100usd you will feel something, and you are with 3 kids and lots of tools.. and no money.

but in the dyno is not noticeable...at WOT
You'd be talking fractions that I'd guess would not be noticeable unless dynod it.
The 2016 engine feels different to the 2015 but only a small fraction of that is due to the headers.
Did not dyno it at part throtle.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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