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So I have recently purchased a 2017 ZX10RR without keys, longish story, previous owner lost them, he's an idiot, I posted a few months ago for suggestions.
So in the end I brought a new/2nd hand ECU, Ignition barrel, keys, c/w wire loom and rear subframe from a race team in the UK that just ditched it all when they converted the bike to race only from new.
I wondered why they wouldn't sell me just the ECU and ignition/keys.
I suspect the reason is the stupid one way screws Kawasaki uses to captivate the ECU in the subframe, I assume the seller just couldn't be bothered with the hassle of removing the little fuckers.
They are ridiculously difficult to remove ( I'm guessing there is a reason for that lol)
Bur seriously, it's meant to be a race / track bike ( well, imo anyway, especially the RR) so why make removing the ECU such a drama.
And for those that don't know what one way screws are …. the can only be done up clockwise. Only way to remove them is either punch them around with a small centre punch or drill a hole in them and use an easy out.
I hope converting the rest of the bike to race is not so difficult !!
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