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Gen 5 & 2013 zx-6r swb times.

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Gen 5 mods are Brocks Alien Head slip on, pcv, guhl ecu flash, Schnitz tune on 87 pump, sprint P08 air filter, and gearing is -2 -2.
2013 zx-6r Alien head full exhaust,pcv, schnitz ecu flash, sprint P08 filter, and gearing -2 -1.


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Jesus jumped up christ.... 140mph on a 600?! Good job man!
Nice times man! Thats scootin for a 600!

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Dayum! I did 140 on a 600 ONCE. Don't think I'll even do it again (mainly cuz it was a Honda and the headshake experience at 140 will shake the sense into ya).....

Well done nonetheless!
Thanks! These 600's are impressive!
Very nice. Just curios as to why you are using 87 octane and not 93? As both are pump gas?
87 makes more power than higher octane fuel.
Does it really make more power ? Isn't it just the fact that the explosion (I don't think explosion is the right word, detonation ?) threshold is lower on lower octane ?
Oh and by the way, awesome times !
Thanks! I was told it burns faster and makes more hp. I tried 93 and 87 the same day on the gen 4 I had. 154 was the best I trapped on 93, and 156 on 87.
9.1!! Damn...it's time to go Bugatti hunting.
That's interesting. That is the first I've heard of lower octane making more power. It's not like race gas has a lower octane. Manufacturers require 91+ in high performance vehicles. I will have to do some research on this. Great times! How is your clutch holding up on those bikes?
Thanks! The 636 clutch holds up great. My 10 not so good. Clutch started slipping around 30 passes. Mainly because the last 10-15 were with -2 -2 gearing which I need to run the best times and to eliminate having to click 6th. The gen 5 2nd-6th gear ratio's are way closer than the gen 4. The gen 4 I had trapped 157 on limiter in 5th with -2 up front and stock rear. My gen 5 with same gearing 152.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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