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Happy Riding Guys/Girls,

I have a '15 ZX-10R without ABS that's approaching 9k miles in less than a year of ownership. LOVE it to death, best bike I've ever owned. But I recently ran into 1 major issue that I need some help diagnosing if you guys could help out. Before I go any further my following mods that matter are Yoshi R77D 3/4 Exhaust, K&N Race Air Filter, Ivan's Flash, Power Commander 5 (Ivan's Map).

Now my issue is when I'm riding the bike aggressively ONLY & shift up or down into 4th gear the bike does what I can only explain as over revving. The issue does not happen in any other gear & ONLY happens under aggressive riding where I am in higher rpm's. I have attached a few links below actually showing the issue. I have also noticed in another ride that if I stay on the throttle in that gear it does slightly even out higher in rpm's.

Maybe it's user error & I am not shifting properly. I notice no issues with my clutch & it is fine when I am not aggressive. One technician told me its most likely something with my PC5 because of how it happens. Please take a look and tell me what you think. I appreciate any feedback at all.

Fast forward to :45 Secs


Happens by :07 Secs


Fast Forward to 2:55

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