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Hey ZX10R community. Sounds like this question may have already been answered, and looking to confirm/clarify.

It appears from what I've seen is that the linkage on the Gen 5 provides a more linear travel. And that the Gen 5 link plates will swap over to a Gen 4 with some add'l mods needed.

I'd like to run the Gen 5 link plates on my Gen 4, and use my Ohlins TTX shock that is currently on it. What will I need to do in addition to swapping the link plates?

Shorten the shock and by how much?
Any re-valving of the shock needed?
Any spring rate change needed? (currently sprung for 150 lbs.)
Does the dog bone also need to be swapped to the Gen 6 or are they the same?
Any other mods needed?
Has anyone made the swap and how is it working out?

Thank you everyone for providing feedback.

"Ride It Like You Stole it"
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