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Gen 4 quick shifter

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I sent my ecu to a guy named nick Marino in Illinois. He owns xplane r1 custom tuning. He does a lot of r1 stuff but has tunes for zx10s and suzukis as well. My god I must say if you need an ecu flash look him up. My bike really came alive. The only problem is no quick shifter option from ftecu for the gen 4 yet. So.. what does everyone use for a quick shifter as far as stand alone units?
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Bazzaz has a QS4 unit but its expensive for what it is. But if you go with Woolich Race Tools setup, you will get the sensor and can run it off of ECU and not have to have a piggy-back standalone unit. Woolich would be my suggestion.
The only problem with woolich is I have to buy the woolich box for 394 THEN I can pay another 400 dollars or so to get the quick shifter+ launch control. I already have an ecu flash so I don't really need woolich. And I don't wanna spend 800 dollars to get a quick shifter. If I was gonna do that I'd get the crazy hm seem less shift quick shifter. I'm not made of money lol
Well crap.. so I can either spend the cash on woolich with I have dealt with before and it all worked fine for the most part. Or wait for flash tune to get their stuff out.. or go with something I won't really like.
Starlane quickshifter!ok a little on the high$ side but excellent quality and function
Have standalone bazzaz qs4 for +3 years now and it's never had an issue. It was literally plug and play, nice upgrade for my 2012. It's about to get a good workout on the Isle of Man TT course.
I have sold like 12 shifters to different friends.. and had QS since 2008

best... but like Archer said you need to start with it from the beginning is the Race Tools. functions and sensor is best.... I car hit me on the side of the sensor, bent the rod, and rearset broken ... and sensor works fine, never missed a shift. Sensor ir a Cordona one WSBK shit.

Bazzaz is next in smoothness, functionality but sensors can go south even when new... their customer service is A+..... replaced lots by warranty (both the new and the old style)

Dynojet... not so smooth, but sensor is more robust, still not at the level of Cordona, and you have to buy lots of shit to put it to work

Annitory, smooth but quality is not there with the others, but cheap. you get what you pay for. have seen ones last 3 months and another last 3 years

healtech... installed one, need some fine tune to work since the bolt that holds the shaft and the lever is the sensor...
Ok so since I don't have woolich but I have a local tuner that flashes with woolich, can he basically flash the race tools on my bike without buying the woolich box? Because If that's the case I'd be all for that.
Don't see anyone mention Translogic. This is by far the best shifter I tried with its Intelishift. Separate kill times for each gear. Also, it has 3 kill times for the entire RPM. Lower RPM - longer kill time, middle RPM - average kill time, high RPM - shortest kill time. Usually QS are not recommended for 1->2 but Translogic said that with their unit this is not an issue
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