I threw a rod in my 2011 non-ABS a while back and got a replacement engine. Finally getting around to pulling the good parts off the blown motor. I do have a whole complete engine, so if there is something you want specifically I don't have listed, let me know and I'll pull it. There was a lot of metal debris in the oil pan, but it looks like the sump filter did it's job and kept the vast majority of it out of the rest of the engine. The bike had right about 20,000 miles when the engine failed. If there is anything you need that's not listed, lmk and I'll pull it. Just starting off with the heavy hitters.

I am located in the Phoenix AZ area if anyone needs parts locally.

2022-10-13 - I will take out the transmission to inspect tomorrow. As of now, the output shaft spins freely, and the gears look perfect. Transmission looks fine, Listed in the next post.

Lots of pics on Imgur. Can't post them all here or the thread would never load:
These are asking prices, so hmu with offers

Cylinder Head. Looks good includes everything pictured, even the head bolts. It looks like the exhaust valves touched the piston in the one cylinder with the broken rod. Don't see any damage, but didn't pull the valves to check. The cams look perfect, and there was no metal I could see in the head.
Asking $400 shipped
Sold on eBay.

Wiring Harness - gen 4 non-ABS. Part number is 26031-1176 (now superseded by 46082-0005). Looks to be in great condition, don't see anything missing or damaged.
Asking $180 shipped.
Sold on eBay.

Wiring Harness. Looks Perfect. This is for a 11-12 ohlins damper non-abs. There are four gen4 harnesses 11-12 (ohlins damper) abs/non-abs, and 13-15 (electronic damper) abs/non-abs.
(More pics )
Asking $200 shipped.
Shoe White Light Road surface Asphalt

Oil pan. Looks perfect. You will need your own sump - the one on the bike picked up a ton a metal particles, and I wouldn't try running it, no matter how much brake cleaner you use.
(More pics )
Asking $100 shipped.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bag Asphalt Hood

Starter - worked perfectly last time the bike was started. Looks like these fit gen 4, 5, and 6. Confirm with the dealer if you're buying for other than a gen 4.
(More pics )
Asking $120 shipped.
Automotive lighting Automotive tire Gas Automotive wheel system Auto part

ECU - I used this when I sent my other one to be flashed. Part number 21175-0328. Works for gen 4 abs and non abs.
(More pics 2011 ZX10R Parts)
Asking $240 shipped.

2011 Front Calipers. These were working fine when I took them off the bike for a major brake upgrade. Pads look to have about 50% life left. Includes brake lines (although I would probably replace these as the rubber is 12 years old at this point.
(More pics 2011 ZX10R Parts)
Asking $100 shipped.
Bag Grey Road surface Tints and shades Luggage and bags