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Gen 4 Ohlins Shock and Full Ti Akrapovic

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Have an Ohlins rear electronic Shock removed from my 2013 zx10r and a full Akrapovic Exhaust System Titanium headers and carbon pipe. Purchased these brand new.

1000 for Shock
1600 for exhaust
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condition of pipe, can, hardware, your location, pics? Ski
Can has some light marks from bike tipping over in the garage.


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I purchased it brand new in 2014 for 2800.


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A suggestion for your buyer...repairing that tip over damage would be pretty easy with a rivet gun and a sandblaster. Drill out those rivets then straighten out the band. Mask off the rest of the muffler with electrical tape (sand bounces off rubber surfaces) and blast that end cap and the band. New rivets are available from any well stocked auto parts store. The sand blasting might not completely smooth out deep gouges but the shallow scrapes would disappear and the deep ones would look 99% better.
Pics of shock?
What's the info on it?

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Sorry both are sold
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