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Gen 4. 2014. Throttle side to side play..

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Hey guys.. sooo compared to a few of my buddies bike. Seems my 2014 zx has alot of side to side play on the throttle.. has anybody experianced this? Any helpfull info to fix this?
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How much do you think is too much? Mine has 2-3mm. No big deal.
Check with Kawa dealer to maker certain within their specs. If so, you'll get used to it, trust me on that. I have had all the supers except the gixxer and some of the super liter street fighters and often noticed subtle differences in whatever but always adjusted quickly on hardware stuff but a bit slower on handling personalities and what tires I grow to understand on a particular bike.
I would say mine is between 4 and 6 of play. My gixxer had minimum of 2. Aswell as my buddies new cbr
Mine also had a bunch of play. I slid my grip up the throttle tube to cheat some of the play out, being cautious not to go too far and end up with a sticky throttle.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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