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Gen 3 Suspension Settings/Upgrades

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I'm 200lbs without gear. I've read numerous threads for a good "starting point." All of my riding is around town or in the mountains. Can you guys provide me with a base setting to get started? The forks and rear shock are stock w/13,000k miles. I know it's time to rebuild...see below. I'm around 25mm of sag front and rear. Approx 4.5 lines of preload showing on the front. Compression and rebound is set to the Sportbike Rider recommendations which I can't remember off the top of my head right now. I'm looking to get close to ideal with what I'm working with because I'm upgrading soon and want to see the difference.

The next question...

I'm not looking to break the bank so I'm curious if the Traxxion valve kit, springs, and rebuild along with a Penske rear is worthwhile or if I should save for fork cartridges. I really think the valve kits and springs will make a world of a difference, but I'd like to hear some opinions.

Thanks for the input guys.
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Here's what I was using, but the rear shock was resprung for my weight.

Front Fork
Preload: 3.0 lines showing
Rebound: 9 clicks out from max
Compression: 10 clicks out from max
Ride Height: Dropped (3.5mm protrusion)

Rear Shock
Preload: 190mm spring length
Rebound: 1.75 turns out from max
HS Compression: 2.75 turns out from max
LS Compression: 2.5 turns out from max
Ride Height: +4mm

Sag (front): 35mm
Sag (Rear): 27mm
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