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So, while converting my 2007 ZX-10R to "track-only" bike, I discovered a hole in my right case cover. Long story short, I ordered Woodcraft case and idle gear covers. Now, it installed fine and looks great... BUT!!! there are two issues, one being pretty serious. The stock case cover has a clutch cable bracket build in, like so (sorry, picture is upside down):

Well, the Woodcraft cover did not have one.

I talked to Alfred @SportbikeTrackGear (btw, super nice guy) and he said that Woodcraft guys told him OEM one should be used :dontknow: from 08-10 ZX-10R. I tried to contact Woodcraft, but has not received an answer. SOOOO.... I was wondering if anyone has run into this problem before? Also, if anyone has GEN 3, could please measure the distance on your OEM bracket between the bolts? It looks sort of like this:

I appreciate any help or suggestions....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts