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Gen 1 to gen 2/3 charging system swap

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A very close friend of mine and i have done some pretty nifty stuff with our gen 1 zx10s. The next fun project we are thinking about doing is removing the giant generators. I was wondering if anyones tried this yet. We have a pile of parts, extra set of cases and whatnot to try with. I was thinking, motor would need an 06+ crank. So that it would fit the flywheel the stator would run off of.. and then figure out a way to mount/make an engine cover that will hold the stator and to the motor of course... this is also assuming the gen 1 cases will accept a gen2/3 crank... im not asking someone on here how to do this project by any means.. just maybe some input if someone has tried it and failed or any constructive info only please.
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