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Gen 1 quick shifter install question

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Ok so I have been searching for a while on here as well as the web, YouTube, etc.... and this topic just doesn't seem to be covered.
I am trying to install a Dynojet quick shifter on a friends 05. It is a used unit with no markings, no instructions, needed some wire repairs, and isn't marked as to indicate if it is a push, pull, or both type sensor. I contacted the manufacture and they did not know what I have based on my description.
So what I am trying to find is type of sensor and where to install it. Yes I know it is part of the shift linkage before you go there. Lol
The problem I am having with install is clearance with the Vortex rearset shift lever and baseplate if it is on the rearset end of the linkage and clearance with the side stand mechanism if on the other end of the linkage.
I was hoping someone has knowledge and experience with this. Photos might be helpful as well. Any help would be appreciated.


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Howdy TJ Jeff!

There is supposed to be a mark in one of those boxes to indicate push or pull. So with that mark missing, you're going to have to get a little more sophisticated with it. Hook the switch up to a multimeter and read if it's open/closed when you push it. Or hook it up and connect the laptop to the PC and read in the software if the switch is made when it's pushed or not. I'm more familiar with the Bazzaz switch and software, but I'd bet there's something to indicate when the switch is active.

The clearance issue is going to be tricky. Depending on where the rearset is mounted to the baseplate will determine the pedal angle and how much clearance you have. You may need to drop the pegs some to get more clearance. Some guys use spacers between the baseplate and footpeg brackets to give more clearance also. I don't like that myself, but it can be done.

If that can't be done, then what part of the sidestand is it hitting? Can the detent arm be moved a notch or 2 in either direction to move the switch fore/aft slightly? While it's ideal that the detent arm and rod should form a 90 degree angle, it's not a requirement. The farther away from 90 degrees it goes, the pedal travel goes down and shifting force goes up. But that may be give you some additional clearance.
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Thanks SkyDork.
I will look into the switch type with a meter.
As for the clearance issues, I was trying to avoid changing his ergo's if at all possible. But might have to.
It seems ideally the sensor would go directly into the Heim joint but the thread directions between the two prohibit that. This would put the sensor in the least intrusive location, missing the side stand spring, frame, toe area near the shifter, and that contact area under the footpeg.
I am actually talking the owner into just buying a new sensor since I read somewhere that the old sensor he has does not work with the PCV anyway.
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