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So I picked up an 05 ZX10 as a project bike. Bike doesn’t run. Has fuel and spark. When I first got it, I thought it was a fuel pump issue. Turns out the tip sensor was missing. So I fixed that, and now the fuel pump primes and sends as it should. But the bike still won’t start. If I spray a bit of started fluid, it’ll sputter a bit. So I know for sure it’s getting spark. Pulled the throttle body off. Fuel rail is clean. Fuel injectors seem to be clean. All wiring and connectors seem good. I did find 2 connectors that were taped off. I assumed they were taped off from the factory but I’m not sure.

Both connectors are the same. One has 4 brown wires(ground?) and the other has 4 white/red wires coming from it. Those same white/red wires go into each of the fuel injector connectors. Are these connectors supposed to he connected to eachother or something else? Or should they be taped off?

Update: So it looks like tide are just junction boxes. Cleaned out fuel injectors. Put everything back together and still no luck. Injectors will fire if I jump them off the battery. But the ECU is not telling them to fire when trying to start the bike. I have positive current coming from the connectors. The ECU should intermittently ground each injector causing it fire, but it isn’t. Should I bother doing any terminal testing or just spend the $200 on a new ECU?

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