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Gen 1 Clutch Questions

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So I bought a 05 missing some parts here and there and the whole entire clutch happens to be one of them. My question is are there different clutch assembly's because when I was looking them up on rockymountain's oem website it showed different ones with different markings. Any help would be appreciated Thanks!
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While there are different assemblies from the stand point of assembly tolerances I have had no problems mixing and matching the different pieces.
As a complete side point as long as you have it that far apart consider changing the oil pump rotors to the Gen 3 for improves oil pressure and flow, you must use the gen 1 05 drive gear. The gen 3 has more vanes. In the gen 3 the pump turns a little slower, likely has a small HP gain by doing that.
Key thing with the clutch is to get the stack height correct. To high and you will have drag to low and clutch wont engage.
I just replaced my clutch this past weekend I had a blown '05 motor, an '05 long block, and a '04 with a bad tranny that I did a swap on. I noticed after taking all the clutches out of each motor that the fibers had markings on them... A15, A16, A17, A18... Do these Letter & Number combo's mean something... ?????
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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