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-JPR adjustable shorty levers for Gen 1, all black with gold adjusters. No scratches or defects, only a couple months old. Only selling to buy the set that will fit my Gen 3. i included a chart of the models that this SET will fit. $100 boo

- Gen 1 OEM windscreen, minor wear but no cracks or road rash. Pretty good condition. BEST OFFER

-Gen 1 OEM chain guard with bolts, not broken. BEST OFFER

-Gen 1 OEM exhaust, headers back. no leaks or cracks, minor scuffs here and there but nothing unexpected. $100

-Gen 3 oem blinkers, wires were cut for blinker delete mod but i left plenty of wire so that they can easily be rewired. no scratches or cracks. BEST OFFER

- Gen 3 solo seat cowl, unknown brand (probably ebay). couple blemishes but looks fine. BEST OFFER

-Gen 3 right side upper fairing, special edition. original OEM fairing, absolutely perfect condition. like new. $200 obo

The levers/exhaust/fairing are the only things that I am looking for a specific price on, everything else i just want out of the way, so if you want it I'm sure we can work something out. ALL PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING.


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