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Gen 1: 2004 widowmaker lowered, custom paint, street bike lots of extras

2004 Kawasaki ZX-10r (widowmaker) NO LONGER STRETCHED
13,1XX miles
Central Virginia
Five Thousand Two Hundred United States Dollars

Clean and clear title- in hand
Will travel for the right price, no shipping
Cash money only
I have had this bike since it had 1800 miles on it and it has been meticulously maintained from the day I got it. Stored indoors (climate controlled) for the entirety of the time and if trailered it was always trailered in an enclosed to avoid damage/weather. Only ran 93 octane for the entirety. Oil changes after every track day or every 1500 miles. If you have something negative to say about stretched bikes/drag raced bikes please keep that to yourself. This is a street bike that sometimes gets to go to the drag strip and have some fun. It will run 8.90s in a quarter w/me (180lbs suited). I have seen many Busas and ZX-14s in my rearview mirror both on the street and at the strip. In immaculate mechanical condition.
- Full Ti-Force Titanium Exhaust
- Port and polished head
- Has 08 ZX-10r Intake cam as exhaust cam
- Ivan’s Performance Timing Retard Eliminator
- Upper butterflies removed from TB
- CRG roll-a-click folding Shorty Adjustable Levers
- VORTEX Fully Adjustable Rearsets
- Lowered ~3” (can be raised back to stock height if buyer would like)
o Lowered and strapped in front
o Adjustable links in rear
- Frame plugs
- Vortex mirror block-off plates
- Graves Motorsports Smog Block Off Plates
- Aftermarket airfilter (forget the brand)
- Vortex rear sprocket (42) and 15 up front
- Fresh clutches (~300 street miles and 6 track passes)
- Puig double bubble tinted windscreen
- Undertail kit w/zx10r license plate frame w/LED taglight
- Driven D3 grips w/replacable rubber
- Custom painted fairings and wheels
- I’m sure there’s something else I’m missing and will update if I find something.
- Only bad thing is the right side mid and lower fairings came off. I was riding down the highway and because it’s lowered when I hit a big bridge bump the lowers split and the wind caught it and ripped them off. The remaining pieces are still bolted on there so you can see.

- Everything else is in great working condition and the bike runs extremely well. This is the fourth zx10 I’ve had and by far the most powerful one.

- I am in the market for a 07/08 GSXR 1000 to replace her. That is the only reason I am selling it and if I can’t get what I want out of it I will just ride her for another year.

- Have more photos for anyone interested.


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