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Gear Indicator

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HI, I have been following this forum for 2 year now (since I have my 2013 ZX10R) and have been really helpfull but this is the first time I create a post. Usually after some search I found an answer in old post but in this case I didn't.

I change my bike's chain and sprokets like 6 months ago -1 front +4 back, like a month after that I started noticing in 5th gear the indicator worked fine in low speeds but over 180-200kph it goes of or showed 4th or 3rd gear since the performance of the bike was the same I was not too concerned but I notice 2 weeks ago I having the same issue with the indicator in 4th gear, same deal only give issues at high speeds in normal commute it works fine.

have someone experience the same issue? any suggestions?

thanks in advance,
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https://youtu.be/wow4z4Ayj8I sounds like you gear position sensor is faulty.

https://youtu.be/tQ7j3_xpnMo <--- links to show you how to test the sensor.
-1 +4 :deathmetal: Bet that's a bit jumpy!
not as much as I though... the top speed with stock gears was 320kph (according to an online calculator) with this gear is 285kph (tested by me :D)
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You can buy a used sensor and put it in in less than .5 hour if you're slow.
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