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Galfer Superbike Lines and HH Compound Pads

Galfer Superbike kits thread directly onto the caliper, they do not require banjo bolts, this allows for smoother, more effective flow of brake fluid to be transferred onto the caliper, a direct flow system. Immediate improvements will be stronger lever feel and much easier braking force, truly a two finger brake system. These lines are made of PTFE 62 Teflon, Galfer's unique steel braided 2.8 hose, and they include a double banjo bolt and all necessary hardware to be installed. (RACE USE ONLY)

The HH Sintered 1396 compound is a new sintered bronzed base material that includes graphite and advance ceramics. It will provide instant powerful controlled braking force at any speed or temperature, rainy or dry weather. Great lasting power. These compound can be used on Sport Bikes to improve performance over stock braking systems.

All bike models usually avaliable, 1000rr a little extra.

Low Price of 140 shipped.
Line Colors avaliable: Clear, Black, Smoke/Carbon, Red, Blue, Yellow

Call if you'd like to order.
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