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Fuel pump compatibility?

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will G4 fuel pumps work on G5? I'm going to put an older G4 tank on my 16 race bike and don't know if I need to swap the pump, or if I can keep the G4. Tried google. 842,000 results, nothing with an answer.
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Is it very difficult to just swap the fuel pump of gen 5 on the gen 4 tank ?
The fuel pumps are vastly different internally between the 2. The Gen 5 pump has a replaceable filter assembly. The Gen 4 does not. I'm not sure anyone has actually tried it, so you're kind of breaking ground here.

Whether it fits in the tank and seals properly is one thing. Whether it provides the proper pressures and volume is another thing. I would speculate that they aren't directly compatible to each other though.
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