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2014 ZX-10R, AU model, 110,000 kms, Akra slip on + link pipe, Annatori quick shifter.

Symptom: wide band sensor goes very high (17-21 AFR) on very mild acceleration, worse at higher RPMS, less bad going up into higher gears at static RPM. Full roll and and the bike will stall (unconfirmed). Was worse when the tank showed the reserve light, now consistently bad. Initially happened only at full roll on, been getting worse over the last 5,000 kms or so, now happens even with very slight throttle.

Tried so far: new fuel pump (aftermarket internal), new fuel filter (was very dirty) and new fuel pressure regulator. Tank cleaned, injector cleaner used multiple times. New spark plugs. No fuel line leaks. Fuel rail seems OK. Applied stock fuel map (using Woolich Racing reflash). Happens in Low, Medium and Full power modes. Doesn't appear to happen in neutral (no load though). Air filter OK, no leaks in air box. Fuel pump primes OK when ignition switched on. Woolich log box showing throttle position sensor opening up. Seems to happen in both IAP and TPS maps (it only takes a very slight roll on now for the issue to show).

Any ideas? Bike unusable like this :(

Thanks for your help,
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