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fuel low warning bypass and backlight colour change

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My fuel system is external so its cnastantly flashing "FUEL" how do i bypass this?

Also where do i get and what leds do i need to change the backlight, i did this years ago on my 636 and have no clue where i bought them
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I believe the low fuel light comes on when the fuel drops below a certain level and opens a circuit or something in the tank. Not totally sure though.

I think superbrightleds or something like that was where I bought the LEDs to do the backlight change on my Gen 1
Ebay is where I used to get my LED kits..... last one I did was years ago though.

The low fuel indicator is resistance based... an open circuit will flash the low fuel light. You can either put just the sensor/tower back in the tank, or ground the indicator wire in the harness. If you still have the stock base in the tank you can rig up the level sensor to work without the pump...... I'd recommend that if it's a bike you still ride around on the street. :)
Oh is that how the system works? I remember some vague explanation that someone once gave me, and I just kinda put the idea together in my head. Cool to know. Thanks Spaz.
i dont have the stock base i have this one i made. but now that i think of it maybe its best to try and put the sensor inside somehow.

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If your not going to be monitoring fuel why don't you just cut or disconnect the Fuel Line sensor wire on the input of the Gauge Cluster it's all in the manual which line? :dontknow:

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