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New, packaged, never used.. front and rear at this price: 120/70 and 190/50 (Gen 1 OEM sizes). You PM your zip code and I'll check what US postal service rates will be for your shipping price...

I got these at my local shop because it's too good a price to pass up. Unfortunately, the Qualifiers I have on my 10 now will probably last a lil while longer. I need to free up the money I invested in these tires. Besides, my local shop/guy is really cool to cops, and I didn't want him letting these tires rot as he caters to mostly the Harley crowd... (Lotsa off-duty coppers ride Harleys and I can't understand why... My police Harley is crap. But that's another story.)

Anyways, hope this helps someone. I've never ridden w/Pirelli's but all you crazy cats seem to think they are the best... Lemme know, thanks

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