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FS: 2011-15 ZX-10R Kyle Racing Linear Suspension Link

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As you probably know, the OEM linkage on the Gen4 zx10 is not well-suited for track riding, as it is more designed for bumpy streets and 2-up rides. At the track, it means that you will give up rear grip and confidence on corner exits. For this reason Kyle Racing has developed a new race linkage to behave in a linear fashion and increase rear grip of the bike. Be it street or track, the linkage will help your rear suspension behave like a race bike. You can read up on it here:




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Is this for the over 180 lbs or the under 180 lbs set up?
Under 180 but it still works great for riders over 180. I'm 200 with gear and the grip is excellent. Kyle Racing says that it's still a far better alternative to stock link.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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