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Fs: 2009 ducati 848 ~17xx miles

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Below are the details:
bike now has a little over 1800 miles
All stock, with the exception of
CRG bar end mirror (I still have the stock mirrors, in unused condition)
Greggs mirror block off plates
and Competition Werkes Fender eliminator
Passenger pegs removed but I still have them

Bike is amazing, runs great. Just can't justify having it for the street anymore. Thought about tracking it out, but then realized I would hate myself if I wadded it up.

Bike still under warranty, and serviced at Carolina Euro in Greensboro, good people :ayyy:

If you have any further questions don't hesitate PM. I can be reached after 6PM Monday - Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Asking $10,500 OBO

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oh if only i had the money, damn i love that bike
oh if only i had the money, damn i love that bike
:+1:0000000000 :mrgreen:
Located in Jacksonville, NC?
My birthday is today, considered getting me a gift???
Beautiful bike. Good luck with the sale.
If I only had the cash...I've always loved the 848:bump:
Oh my!! She is nice!! Good luck with her sale, I bet you hate to see her go.
do I see turn signals in the rear vents?

I'm willing to bet they are there. I'm doing the same to mine.
Located in Jacksonville, NC?
Fayetteville, NC

Thanks all for the good luck with the sale.

Yep, turn signals in the vents, this is what competition werkes has you do when you install their fender eliminator.

I would still love to track her out. I've already priced out the track skins, sliders, case covers, clip-ons, etc; and I probably wouldn't have any problem for a while, but when you are on the track you have to push it, so I think it would be inevitable that something would happen.
I'm going to look at a couple of already done up older track bikes within the next week, something I wouldn't mind all that much if I went down. If the Duc doesn't sell, I guess it'll be around for a while and I'll get to enjoy her on the road when I have the time, but for now she remains on the chopping block. Truly amazing bike though, and yes I hate to think about letting it go.

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Noti, thanks for the offer, but no thanks. Taking offers based on original asking price
Beautiful machine! Good luck
Price reduction bumpage

Price drop bump 10.5K O.B.O
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