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Front Brake Upgrade which MC?

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Hey all,

Got some '08 zx14 Nissin calipers to go on my 05 zx10 track bike and was wondering what the best master cylinder i should get for cheapest spend.

I have a chance to get hold of a mates 06 ZX10R Front Brake Master Cylinder, but would this MC work on my bike with these Nissin calipers? and would it be any good?

If not could you point me in the right direction without having to go down the brembo route.

cheers for any help :wink2:
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2006-2015 ZX-10R
2006-2016 ZX-14R
2007-2016 ZX-6R

All of them use the same radial MC. All of them would be an upgrade over the linear one on the Gen 1.
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Thanks SkyDork that really helps me alot.

Appreciate your time Sir
Thanks SkyDork that really helps me alot.

Appreciate your time Sir

Sure thing
I recommend the Brembo RCS. I have the 19x20 but you have to have good control on your brakes for that one.
If you want one in the golden brown color that matches the 1st gen, then 05 ZX6R 636 is the only choice. Its the only year they did the brown radial MC. Since its a race bike, I would get a brembo off an R1 or R6.
I run the 2014 ZX14R full Nissin setup on my 2005, along with the 14R MC. Bolted right up, added shorty anodized break away levers as well.
WOW, night and day over the stock radial setup.
150% better, all the way around.

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