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Freeway-Jumping Motorcyclist Injured In Latest Stunt Attempt

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Remember Kyle Katsandris? Of course you do; he’s the guy who jumped his Kawasaki KX450 over the 60 freeway in Los Angeles not too long ago, causing a buzz all over social media and the internet as a whole (and also sparked an investigation by the California Highway Patrol). Well, it appears that his internet fame has caught up with him, as his latest stunt didn’t go so well.

According to reports, Katsandris’ latest trick was to jump over train tracks in Simi Valley, California, following the footsteps of Colin Morrison, who successfully completed the jump three times a decade ago, twice over a moving train. Except in Katsandris’ attempt, a bump at the lip of the jumped launched him over the handlebars, where he then crashed on the other side. He’s currently in critical but stable condition.
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You people at Motorcycle.com are a special kind of stupid. Is this really the kind of publicity you want for a motorcycle related forum? It's bad enough idiots actually do this kind of illegal stuff, but you aren't doing the motorcycling community any favors by bringing it to the spotlight with the power of the media and the real bottom line is you are merely propagating and encouraging the same behavior from additional attention seekers to do the same thing.
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Never heard of him. Is he related to that Travis Pastrami guy?
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