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I recieved this email and thought I would share it.

Happy New Year,

I am in the process of "making room" in our warehouse for incoming oil inventories this winter. I have eighteen (18) cases of oil that I am offering FREE to my customers. You may order one (1) case of oil free of charge, you pay only Euro's "out of pocket" shipping charge. All of this oil is "new in the case". Simply go to: www.eurosyntheticoils.com and go through the ordering process for the oil that you want. Even though the shopping cart, and your confirmation email, will show a price for the oil, you will not be charged for the oil, it is free. You will only pay for the shipping cost that shows up in your shopping cart.

This offer has only been emailed to our customers, of which you are one. Only the first eighteen (18) responders will get one (1) FREE case of oil (12 quarts). Please indicate in the comments section of the shopping cart what your second and third choices would be. If you would like a description of the oils listed below, look at the Euro Synthetic Oils website. The available list of oils is below:

Shell Oils

Formula Shell Clean Engine Formula 5W-30 - 1 cases available;

Formula Shell High Mileage Formula 10W30 - 2 cases available; and

Formula Shell High Mileage Formula 10W-40 - 1 cases available.

Amtecol Oils

Amtecol Superlife 7500 5W-20 - 3 cases available;

Amtecol Superlife 7500 5W-30 - 4 cases available;

Amtecol Superlife 7500 10W030 - 4 cases available;

Amtecol Superlife 7500 20W-50 - 1 case; and

Amtecol Superlife 8000 5W-30 - 2 cases available.

Again, if you are interested, place your order quickly, these free oils will not last long.

Thanks For Your Business in 2009,


email: [email protected]

I have purchased from Euro Synthetic, ELF MOTO 4 XT TECH 10W50 communication was good and shipping/service was fast. I would order a case myself but I'm currently in Korea until Dec 2010. If anyone places an order please post up your experience. I have no affiliation with Euro Synthetics.

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usally if it sounds too goo to be true it is lol
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