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That's right, you can have a free motor for your 2nd generation ZX10 (or cart, dunebuggy, riding mower etc). All you have to do is come pick it up.

There is a reason for it being free-I'm not giving it away just for fun. The end of the crankshaft is broken off. Yep. The stator is no good and it's missing a good intake cam. I want to be 100% straight with you guys/gals. You won't just shoehorn this engine straight into your bike and go. It needs some attention.

It isn't ALL bad news. The head is good, it doesn't burn a drop of oil and hasn't seen a drag strip. This has been a street bike (not a stunt or race bike) all of it's life and hasn't been abused. All of the covers are there, it has a new starter clutch, new fibers and a new basket, too. By new, I mean less than 1 mile on them. Mileage is 33,195. I keep impeccable records.

I thought I might go nuts and build it up but the more I think about spending money on the ZX, the more I'd rather use that money for a different bike. I have thought about parting it out on Ebay and putting a few bucks in my pocket. I just don't have the room or the patience to deal with it anymore. So, it's all yours for the taking.

I will NOT ship and I will NOT deliver. If I have to move this thing myself, I'm taking it to the junkyard.

I'm located in the Sacramento, CA area.
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