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For sale-REV'IT RS-1 leathers size 56


Rev'It 1 piece RS-1 Leathers.

Size 56 Euro(46 U.S.)

Tried on 3 times-
Rode on the bike Once with them-In the dry of course.

No Rips,Tears,Scuffs.
Zippers Perfect and intact-
Knee sliders untouched.

I am 6' 189lbs and the length is good, could fit up to 6'3 or 6'4-
I am skinny so they fit me on the baggy side around my thigh and knee.
Perfect up top on me (medium build) with back protector and chest protector.
I would say 205lb would be max on slim(er)build body.

I hesitate to call these "brand new"-but come on.I tried these on 3 times.
A cherry set of leathers. I bought these 4 weeks ago new for twice what I'm asking.



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damn that is a good price, ill ask around. my buddy is looking for a set and these would fit him, ill ask
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