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14,316 miles

This bike has never down and has been maintained by me and the dealership. The tires (Michelin Pilot Road 3's) are literally brand new and have under 100 miles on them. I bought them last year, rode the bike once, and that's been it. Oil and filter are freshly changed (last month). Spark plugs were changed 100 miles ago. Air filter was changed 100 miles ago. Brake fluid was changed last month.

This bike has the rare Kawasaki OEM European front turn signal indicators which cost me $300 to import. They look so much better than the big ugly stock signals. I have a pair of front brake pads that are still in the box. The rear has a Hotbodies undertail kit. There are red Angel Eyes CFL's and LEDs around the headlights and around the intake(LED's have been disconnected due to winter storage).
Stands are included with the bike. The bike has upgraded rear spools and a Werkes USA MotoGP exhaust.
Frame sliders are also installed. The battery is also new. Comes with a full tank of premium.

I have had -0- issues with this bike. I have another bike and I am meticulous and very anal about my maintenance on my vehicles.

There are two spots where kicked up rocks have hit the fairings, one near the front forks and the other next to the rear seat. It's cosmetic damage to the plastic fairings, easily replaced.
The wheels are powder coated (quality job).

For $6200 you're getting:
Kawasaki European turn signals (rare)
Bike Stands
New Oil and Filter
HotBodies Undertail
New Air Filter
New Spark Plugs
Frame Sliders
Powder Coated Rims
New Battery
New Front Brake Pads
Werkes USA Moto GP Exhaust
Rear Spools

Thanks for looking.


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Holy big rock to smack the tail like that!!! Where are you located?! Sorry to ask I can't click on your avatar for some reason on my phone!! Thanks

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A truck kicked it up next to me. It doesn't take much to break plastic when it gets hit with a hard projectile.

The bike is located in Avon, OH.
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