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For sale:
--2004 Thunder Blue ZX10R
16,325 miles

+Galespeed type R forged aluminum wheels, black
+Michelin Pilot Sport 2CT front tire, Power 3 rear tire. Both with less than 600 miles on them
+Ohlins rear shock, I believe S46PR1C2LS
+Custom side mount Ohlins steering damper--I don't know what unit it is, but it works and looks great, and it's adjustable
+Attack Performance rearsets with carbon fiber heel plates, black, fully adjustable
+Micron serpent aluminum hydroformed headers
+Custom level one racing (LOR) carbon fiber muffler/can--I had them custom make this for me to fit the serpent headers
+BMC Race Air Filter
+Factory pro billet velocity stacks
+Dynojet Powercommander PCIII
+Dynojet Powercommander ignition module
+GiPro gear indicator w/ ATRE, blue led ($175)
+Custom tune
+EURO RACING throttle kit--adjustable, but set up for shortest turn possible
+Brembo 19RCS Master Cylinder
+Nissin ZX-14 front calipers
+SBS Streetexcel sintered brake pads
+Galfer superbike brake line kit, black--these are the ones that go straight in to the caliper
+CRG Racing Supersport folding clutch lever with perch--this is the entire unit
+DDM Tuning HID headlights
+Speedo healer
+Giles tooling superbike chain adjusters, black
+Frame sliders
+-1/+1 sprockets and a nice x-ring chain with less than 600 miles on them
+Galfer rear brake rotor
+Rear fender eliminator
+Integrated rear tail light
+The bike will come with rear seat and rear solo cowl
+The bike will come with a solo rear exhaust braket and the passenger pegs as well
Custom gas cap with its own key
Not installed, but will come with tank sliders

I replaced the rear hugger, side fenders, lower fairings, side fairings, and seat fairings with carbon fiber parts, less than 600 miles
I replaced tail, and center front fairings wit OEM parts, less than 600 miles
Changed the gauge cluster to blue led instead of orange
The valve cover gasket leak has already been fixed by me
New fork seals done less than 600 miles ago
I will include a brand new rear stand with the sale

The only known blemishes
Scuff to the left of the head light
Paint chips on left side of tank, tank sliders will cover but never installed them
Head light just started fogging up last time I washed it

I bought the bike last year from another member on here. Fixed all the issues with the bike and replaced most of the damaged fairings. Scuff wasnt bad enough for me to fix it. Bought tank sliders to cover chips in tank but never got around to putting them on. I have put around 1000 miles on the bike since I bought it. No time to ride anymore. Hate seeing it sit.

Asking $5500 obo.

PM me with any questions or for more pics.


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Really well built bike. I hope you get your price. My gen3 won't even get close to that amount.

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Its been very well taken care of. Valves have been checked. Mileage isnt bad. Willing to work on the price if need be. Just want to see it go to a good home.

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A-Mars carbon fiber parts. Overall the carbon parts are a 9/10. Fitment was pretty good.

I was told that the damage to the tank was caused by a ski falling on it.
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