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Scroll down to see the picture and the color coded explanations


I looked for the sources on the bottom right hand and it said "asia Pacific Smart Card Association." from that website you'll find this:

"The global decision to migrate bank payment cards to EMV smart cards
The EMV standard has now been accepted as the future of all bank payment cards and Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and other card payments associations are now actively working with financial card issuers towards the eventual conversion of all bank payment cards to smart card technology. More recently, the first contactless bank payment card schemes for fast, low value payments at the retail point-of-sale are now being launched'

You can search more from that site in the link

Here is another source from the picture in the first link with a map color coding the level of surveilance in different nations around the world..America is free ? Notice that the U.S. is right behind Russia.


Another source from the first link called the 'UK home office and Identity passport"...From that source we read.

"Each ID card will be unique and will combine the cardholder’s biometric data with their checked and confirmed identity details, called a ‘biographical footprint’. These identity details and the biometrics will be stored on the National Identity Register (NIR). Basic identity information will also be held in a chip on the ID card itself."

If this concerns you about where the U.S. is headed...I urge you to sign the petition at http://www.nonationalid.com/TakeAction.aspx and post the link everywhere you can and email the link and info to everyone you know.
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