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Coolant Mod and how to!!

So I was sick and tired of my bike heating up to 220+ and sometimes 240+ in about 30 sec at a stop light, turning her off, and just plain running hot at idle. So I looked long and hard and read everything I could on the best coolant solution. I used the Purple Ice crap in my last mustang with a coolant flush, nothing to write home about. So I picked up 2 containers of Engine Ice, read the Kawi Service Manual, which really isn't worth a damn, and then read a post on this site on how to do it. THE RESULTS ARE AWESOME!!! Just sitting at idle, she never went over 212, and then would creep down to 200 ish, and thats sitting there for 15 or so minutes just idleing. Haven't taken her on the road yet, doing an oil change in a bit also. But this is a must, only $34 total to do it. Got it at Cycle Gear. It took me longer to take everything off than actually doing the flush. About 1hr in all.

1. Take off Lowers, Side Plastic, and if you know how the upper right plastic or at least loosen it by taking the mirror off

2. You need a 10mm Socket wrech, a hose of water, and a funnel if you want to be clean, and a catch pan

3. Warm the bike up to about 145 - 150 degrees

4. Turn her off, undo the 10mm nut on the water pump as shown, put the catch pan there, a little will drip out, now slowly take off the radiator cap.

5. Let her release her green crap, and then just put the hose of water like I did and let her flush

6. Close up the water pump bolt, drain and flush out the overflow tank.

7. On the first fill, she'll take about the whole bottle. Start her up, let her warm up.

8. Top her off again and the over flow tank.

9. Start her up again and let her idle and make sure no leaks.

10. Put the plastics back on and your good to go.


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