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Well it's been a good 'first' experience with the ZX...

the track is a slow track, stayed in second gear all the time...

I used 32/34 tire presure and adjusted the suspension a bit (thanks for all the info guys!)

I started the day doing 1'08'' down gradually to 1'03''...then after lunch I really started to push and got down to 1'00'' with a my best session with about 10 lap of pure nirvana at 59''...

The 'local' racers on 600cc and race tires do 49''...

Got a few good hint from Mario Duhamel which improvised a course for our little group of riders (up to 8 at times)...He tuned my suspension and showed us the lines plus coached us where we made 'mistakes'

All in all it was a good day got to know my bike more, and got really to push it safely...still have a lot to learn, but it was super fun and will do it soon, even maybe at Tremblant (wich is more suited for the ZX-10)...
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