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So heres the deal its my first bike that Im ever going to restore/Build for track use, I use to own a car shop where I constructed turbokits and what now...closed shop down and went back to school gaining some bad rep on projects i left behind... still couldn't get the building machines out of my system though so I figured lets get started again. Im open to Ideas and suggestions. Im Also looking for a color scheme to go with for track use, my company colors are red, black, and white .

1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7R

Power I was thinking intake, full exhaust, FCR's, some sort of power comander, and sprockets, stainless steel brake lines... and so on... I dont know what kind of competition to put the bike in, Im also looking for 1 more rider to sponser with this bike also, local in los angeles.

Im open to suggestions , I know this is my first time doing this but im sure we all learn by trial and error... so why not?!

So First off let me mention all the bolts on the bike are getting zinc plated black, and the frame was sent into to get powder coated matte graphite black with some gloss.

Before Pics

Now Pic
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