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Finally in search for my dream bike!

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Hey guys :nerd:
My name is Slavko, I am a new member on the forum and just introducing myself.
I have been a motorcycle enthusiast all my life having many bikes in the past such as a Hayabusa, a few zx6r's, XL1200's, etc. I used to buy and sell dumped bikes to make a quick buck to pay for school. Now, that Im almost done and somewhat financially stable for a college student. I think I'm finally going to buy just one bike (that I actually like) and keep it for myself foreverr!! >:)

Now the bike I am looking for is a GEN 1 '05 ZX-10r. Looking preferably for a grey or black bike. I read online that the '04 had bad frames, so Im avoiding that. If anyone knows anyone near the Chicago-land area, please message me!!
Thank you.
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:welcome: SuperSlaav!

There is nothing wrong with first gens, they are may personal favorite. The frame thing is overblown IMHO but you would be wise to check the bike out thouroghly especially if it looks ridden hard. The generators on the '04's were a little wonky but that could be rectified quickly too. But you are looking for the wrong color- BLOO is the fastest. :wink:

I loved my 05 gen 1 :thumbsup:
Hey guys, picked one up. Pictures coming soon :)
Hey guys, picked one up. Pictures coming soon :)
Can't wait to see her! :clap:
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