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Finally got rid of the tick

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Broke down and pulled the CCT out and pulled the adjuster out two clicks. Much better now. One would think Kawasaki would recall the CCT. If nothing else provide a stronger spring. Anyway, my motor is much quieter now.:thumbsup:
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Now all I need is to get my steering dampner back from SB suspension.
damper and what happened and how many miles and what bike and what is your riding style.
It's the stock dampner from my 2011 ZX10R. Bike has about 13,000 miles on it. Aggressive street riding and track days. Nothing happened to the dampner. SB Suspension is rebuilding it to race specs.
why not just put a manual tensioner in it?
Pretty sure 2011-2012 does have the manual steering damper stock!2013 started with electronics on the damper R/T
Its a bitch trying to get the right oil for that manual chain cam damner ...i mean, dampener (dampaner??)

You guys are luck SkyDork is away for a little while....

Peterd, he means a manual tensioner, not damper.

OP, I recently did a valve adjustment and followed the service manual which says start at 4 clicks. I'm now out to 7 and it's still noisy. How many clicks are you at?
I really didn't look to see how many clicks it was out when I removed CCT. I just pulled it out two more
so again do they not make a manual tensioner for the gen4?

I know you can click them out the problem is the frequency of the of vibrations at high rpm and disengage the locking paw.
Not a big deal at 10000+ rpms when theres all kinds of oil pressure but if it happens under a low rpm situation like dropping gears to get into turn one and theres little oil pressure.
Now you have a catastrophic failure.
I probably will go with a manual tensioner when I do a valve adjustment. I'm ok with the auto CCT for now>
I only had to do loosen (1 click) the stock CCT once about 4 yrs ago and its been good every since on my'12.
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