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My 06 ZX10R is powering on to an "FI" warning. I traced the fail code down to the Exhaust butterfly valve...I think that was 34 but I'm not near the bike now.

The service manual says to pull the cable from the actuator and test resistance...it's within the acceptable range. I guess the actuator isn't necessarily fried?

When I powered it on in the past, I always saw the valve cycle from open>closed>open but that isn't happening now. The bike runs though.

The next test is to use a special tool that I don't have, and test the voltage while the thing's powered on. I tested the voltage with the cable pulled and it was putting out around 3.5V.

Any ideas where to go next? Has anyone dealt with this situation? I'd love to ride this weekend...any help would be great. Yes I have searched...

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