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Heres the story, had an accident, got the bike back together. Installed a woodcraft stator cover while i was at it. Went for a ride and made it probably 20 miles and pulled in to get some gas, when i started the bike up i heard the unmistakeable sound of metal being shredded for about a second. It happened so quick that the bike actually started before i could get my finger off the button, so i rode it home without incident. The next day i pulled outta my driveway and to the stop sign and the guage cluster goes blank and the bike dies, i reach down and the stator cover is very hot. So i pull my stator and put in another one, push start the bike and the FI light is on immediately. Ride the bike 15 miles and its still on, when i arrived at my destination the stator cover, again, is so hot u cant put your hand on it. I dont understand where this short is coming from since the stator is brand new and theres only one bundle of wires coming out of it. I think this process has done the battery in also.

Heres the excerpt from the


The actuator operates
open and close of the
subthrottle valve by the
pulse signal from the ECU.

If the subthrottle valve actuator fails (the
signal is out to the usable range, wiring short
or open), the ECU stops the current to the
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