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FI light after coolant flush

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Gen 5 10r, got my engine ice in today so I flushed the system with distilled water, filled with engine ice, did my thing and put it all back together. I now have an engine light on "FI" too dark out now to self diag so just wondering if anyone else had this happen. I had to take off top fairing to get to the rad cap and in that bundle of stuff there is one electrical plug near that air canister on the right side, overflow bottle side, of the bike that I had to unplug to get the upper fairing off and out of the way to refill the radiator. Plugged back in, noticed the light, disconnected the battery thought it might reset and clear, that was before reading the sticky on this thread, and still on of course. Will following the 4 steps for gen five code removal work or will I need to bring to the dealer. Thanks for any input.
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Probably a bad electrical connection somewhere. Grab the code and it will tell you what to look for.
I would guess you pulled the evap connector. If you turn the key on with that disconnected it will throw the SES light. You'll have to ride it 3 times (meeting all the criteria) to have the light automatically reset itself after reconnecting the evap connector.
Thanks spray and TDH, it was the purge vent electrical connector I unplugged, haven't gotten a chance to ride the bike yet to try to reset the code. The whole resetting the code // code erasing list confuses me idk why.. But so I basically just warm the bike up for 10 solid min, ride for atleast 5 min above 25 mph, turn off, start back up again with 5 min above 25 mph and so on 3 times and the third or fourth re start the code should be gone? Thanks for replies guys.
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