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FI code 83

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Hey guys, after swapping my scorpion dual undertail to a comp werks gp shorty I now have code 83 fi on the dash.

Oxygen sensor on the exhaust looks fine, anyway I can test it? And will a sensor from the gen 3 fit my gen 2? I heard they might have different connectors.

The bike also stinks of fuel so running rich, not sure if that's due to needing a remap or pc or is it because of the sensor not working?

While I get parts and fix this is it going to damage the bike riding it? It pops like heck on deceleration

Many thanks

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Well, I'm assuming you have a European Gen 2. The oxygen sensor code you're seeing is for a fault in that. You'd have to check the Kawi part numbers to see if the Gen 3 and Gen 2 sensors are the same to know for sure if you could get a different one. But they are only 2 wires, so swapping the connectors over would be a piece of cake.

You can do a voltage check on the sensor. The procedure is in the service manual, but it's rather involved checking the various voltage ranges with and without the air switching valve in place to check that the sensor voltage changes.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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